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The free advisory services that Toquerville Drug Rehab Centers provides includes information and assistance to anyone who needs help locating the right addiction treatment programs to suit their needs. Our experienced addiction advisors understand that everyone's needs and situations are different, so we strive to ensure you have access to the best options available to set you on the path to recovery.

We also recognize that not all drug and alcohol rehab programs are the same. What might work really well for one person may be pointless for another. In order to improve your chances of making a successful recovery from drug or alcohol addiction, it's important you choose the right rehab treatment program. 

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Which Rehab Treatment Program Is Best?

In order to locate the best possible addiction treatment program for your needs, it's important to remember that not everyone responds the same way to the same treatments. Just as the triggers and reasons behind each person's addictive behaviors are unique, the treatments needed to begin the recovery process also need to be considered individually.

When you call Toquerville Drug Rehab Centers, our addiction advisors may ask a few questions to help us determine your precise needs. Some of those questions may include:

  • What type of drug is being taken?
  • How long have you been using?
  • Are you taking more than one type of drug?
  • Have you tried to quit using before?
  • Did you experience withdrawal symptoms?
  • Is it possible you have an undiagnosed mental illness?
  • Do you have a poorly treated mental health disorder?
  • What is your current financial situation?
  • Is your medical insurance provider likely to cover your costs?

Your answers to those questions can help determine which alcohol and drug rehab in Toquerville or local area are best for you.

Why Is Rehab Necessary?

Generally speaking, detox is the first step of any treatment program and serves to eliminate the effects of the substance from the body. Detox does nothing to address the underlying psychological reasons and triggers behind addictive behaviors.

It's also important to note that an addicted person trying to detox at home may experience unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. In some cases, symptoms of withdrawal can become potentially dangerous and even life-threatening, with some requiring emergency medical assistance.

There is also a significant risk of the addicted person relapsing back into a dysfunctional pattern of substance abuse during or immediately after detox. If the person has been substance-free for a period of time before returning to drug use, it's likely the person's tolerance levels have been reduced.

If that person attempts to take similar doses to what was being taken prior to detox, the risk of accidental overdose is dramatically increased.

How Can Toquerville Drug Rehab Centers  Help

The first step in any comprehensive addiction treatment program is to assess each person individually. It's important to take into account the type of drug being taken, whether the person is taking more than one substance and whether they're likely to experience potentially dangerous withdrawal symptoms.

Addiction specialists also need to take into account whether the person may have an undiagnosed or poorly treated mental health disorder. Someone with a mental illness that is co-occurring with a substance abuse disorder has a 'dual diagnosis' and may require specialized treatments to ensure both conditions are treating concurrently. Centers for addiction treatment in Toquerville or local region can help you on the road to recovery.

A combination of specialized counseling and therapy sessions begin working to identify and recognize each person's unique addiction triggers. Recovering people are also encouraged to begin developing their own individual relapse prevention strategies, designed to help them prevent relapsing back into a dysfunctional pattern of substance abuse after leaving rehab.

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If you or someone you know needs help locating the right rehab, call our free advisory service today at (844) 599-7665. We at Toquerville Drug Rehab Centers have access to a large network of rehab treatment facilities. Our goal is to match you with the right addiction treatment program to provide you with the best chance of learning to live a healthy, productive lifestyle free from drugs or alcohol over the long term.

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