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Treatment approach

  • Cognitive/behavioral therapy
  • Dialectical behavioral therapy
  • Substance abuse counseling approach
  • Trauma-related counseling

Treatment Options

  • Long-term residential
  • Residential


  • Smoking not permitted


  • Adolescents


  • Female
  • Male


  • Addiction
  • Alcohol Abuse
  • Drug Abuse
  • Drug Addiction
  • Intervention center
  • Medical Detox
  • Substance Abuse

Areas of Specialization

  • 12-step faciltitation approach
  • Accepts clients on opioid medication
  • Anger management
  • Buprenorphine used in treatment
  • Family Addiction Counseling
  • Group counseling offered
  • Individual counseling offered
  • Motivational interviewing
  • Relapse Prevention

Payment Options

  • American Express
  • Cash or self-payment
  • Check
  • Mastercard
  • Visa

Accepted Insurances

  • Most Insurances


Second Nature Entrada LLC is a drug and alcohol addiction treatment center that is situated in lovely Santa Clara, Utah at 2711 Santa Clara Drive. Addiction to drugs, alcohol, or any other substance of abuse, can take a toll on the well-being and livelihood of the addict. It's important that these individuals seek professional treatment, guidance, and care in order to safely and successfully beat the addiction. Whether the patient requires inpatient treatment or outpatient treatment, Second Nature Entrada LLC can provide patients with everything they need to beat addiction.

It's very typical for an addict to believe that they can overcome addiction on their own. Although this idea may seem tangible, going cold turkey is unsafe and more than likely will result in a relapse in the very near future. It's imperative that addicts seek the help of Second Nature Entrada LLC as patients will receive quality addiction care and treatment methods at Second Nature Entrada LLC. If addicts do not seek help for drug and alcohol addiction, their future will be unclear. This is because addiction is a degenerative and progressive disease that requires intense, professional treatment in order to conquer.

Second Nature Entrada LLC can provide patients aged Adolescents with unique treatment methods along with compassionate care and guidance. The counselors that work with the patient will be by their side every step of the way, helping to ensure their success in recovery. Every addict is able to overcome their addiction if they want it badly enough, but it does take the professional help of Second Nature Entrada LLC in order to get to the level of sustained sobriety.

Through deciphering the core reasons why the patient uses drugs and alcohol as an escape will help counselors to better create a treatment program that works for them. A tailor-made approach to recovery is what patients will receive when they enter Second Nature Entrada LLC and this is believed to be the best way to treat addiction.

If patients are truly ready to overcome their addiction and begin a new happy and content life than they will succeed in recovery. They must be in that mindset, though, in order to achieve lasting sobriety. Visit Second Nature Entrada LLC online now at and recognize how quality treatment can change one's life for the better.

Contact Details

+1(435) 674-9310
2711 Santa Clara DriveSanta ClaraUtah  84765

Google Reviews

  5.0   6 months ago

I will be forever grateful for the gifted therapists and tireless counselors at Evoke. They have supported our family every step of the way and have given us our son back. As an unexpected bonus, I became healthier as well through the readings and Webinars. Many thanks for all that you do!

  5.0   6 months ago

This program saved my family. Of course the kids weren’t happy that they were there, but if they kept In the direction they were going before being placed in the Evoke Therapy Program, I’m sure they would have been much unhappier. They learned so many tools from the professionals at Evoke. The staff is tough but kind. They have to be tough out there with a bunch of kids that are usually initially angry and want to leave. The therapists are top notch. They keep the parents informed of what is going on with their child, help the parents learn new skills that work well with their children, help families work through issues they may or may not even know they have, and provide family counseling too. You feel well taken care of. The kids aren’t living their dream (however some people would give their left leg to live in the beautiful Southern Utah Wilderness) as they sleep on the ground in sleeping bags, eat mostly the same healthy food every day, and get a ton of exercise hiking and camping, meditating, communicating with peers authentically, learning to love themselves, doing yoga, reading, and they even get school credit for the work they do. It’s a tough program, but it will change your life for the better. The graduates can be proud of what they have accomplished and the parents can be proud for having the guts to help their children out. I highly recommend this program to anyone that has a Troubled teen. They even offer programs for adults. I would like to attend one but cannot review this as it’s not happened yet. I have went to a parent workshop and that was fabulous. I met other parents that were experiencing similar things as me and didn’t feel so alone.

  5.0   8 months ago

Evoke was absolutely an incredible experience for our son. The staff was engaging, caring and nurturing. We saw so much introspection and emotional growth in him. Can’t recommend this program highly enough. It was truly the step in the right direction. So grateful. 🙏🏻

  5.0   9 months ago

Evoke provided my child with the opportunity to step away from the influences of this broken world and listen to her own heart again. The combination of skills and therapy gave her renewed confidence and a healthy view of the future. Evoke provided family guidance and the parental skills as well. I highly recommend this program for families in need of lasting change.

  5.0   10 months ago

This was perhaps the best decision we ever made to save our sons life. We have just left evoke and the whole family is learning how to communicate effectively the work doesn’t stop after revoke and it includes the entire family. I am so grateful that we made this decision and I think With continued step down programming we have a chance. I also realize my son was the designated scapegoat yet it was a family problem in which we were all accountable. That Hogg was our sons therapist and was amazing. The staff are kind, fair, yet held their boundaries It was perhaps the most important experience for our family. We are grateful. With kind regards Nancy it was perhaps the most important experience for our family. We are grateful. With kind regards Nancy Ockene

  5.0   10 months ago

Evoke at Entrada saved our daughter's life, it saved our family. Words cannot Express the gratitude we have for the professional, kind and thoughtful care our family received from all of the staff at Evoke- from our first hesitant informational call to the transition to aftercare. It is unusual in today's world to find an organization that not only cares about what they do, but also has the logistical and operational skills to make it happen so seamlessly. Evoke is one such organization. If you are reading this, take heart, you are on the right path with Evoke.

  5.0   11 months ago

Evoke was unparalleled. After numerous attempts with outpatient resources in our community and an inpatient stay, we decided (with good advice) to try wilderness. All wilderness therapy is not created equal! Look at the credentials of your therapist. Evoke had well trained therapists and a structured evidenced based climical model. Family engagement and communication was great. Hard to imagine a better therapeutic experience for us. at the risk of being hyperbolic, nearly miraculous. We will be forever grateful.

  5.0   11 months ago

From the admission process all the way through to the discharge process, I have only good things to say about Evoke at Entrada. Steve Kirk was wonderful in the beginning and answered all my questions which helped me to make the decision to enroll my son at Evoke. Stephanie Lewis helped me so much by providing me with the information to help me acquire the funding necessary to make my son’s stay possible. Ashley Nelson was a lifesaver, since she gladly answered every question I had, no matter how silly or trivial, knowing it helped to put my mind at ease. And Tim Mullins just “got” my son right away, and he knew the work he needed to do in order to help my son overcome the challenges he’d been dealing with. I admire the field staff for their dedication and the love and compassion they show these guys out there. Having a chance to visit and appreciate the environment, I imagine it can be a challenge to keep one’s self motivated—I bet it’s even harder to encourage and motivate reluctant, or even defiant, clients to participate. I know my own son was not a willing participant at first! However, he came around and now believes that Evoke was a life changing experience for him. I see such a difference in him than what I saw in the young man I put on the plane to Utah 2 months ago. Where I was afraid before, I have such a renewed sense of hope for the future. He still has work to do, but he knows it and is happy to do it. I cannot thank the family at Evoke enough for the help and hope you give back to families. God bless you, and please know you are loved and appreciated! ❤️

  5.0   1 year ago

Evoke was a life changing experience for our son. He was struggling with major anxiety, no confidence, and very low self-worth and was using weed to self-medicate. He finally hit a low point during his second semester freshman year in college. He got to a place in life that he felt like he could not go on the way he was and reached out for help. We chose Evoke because it was one of the more intense programs, which is what our son would respond to the best. He spent 8 weeks out in the wilderness and came back a changed person. The staff there are great and his therapist is awesome. They worked with him and showed him how he could become a better person without weed. They helped him gain skills he needed to handle his anxiety. He has also gained a new found self-confidence. While at Evoke he achieved the highest level in the program. His time and hard work there helped him gain the skills that he needs to be able to succeed in life. He said that this was probably the hardest thing and the most rewarding thing he has ever done. He would recommend this program to anyone who is struggling like he was. He is now in a collegiate recovery transitional program, taking college classes, and continuing his journey while using those skills in the real world. I feel like he will continue to succeed in his journey thanks to Evoke.

  5.0   1 year ago

The Evoke at Entrada experience was even better than expected. It's all what you put into it. The expert and committed staff will guide you and your young person, but you've all got to do your own work. My son and all the members of his homes have been influenced to do better, and that's powerful for everyone.

  5.0   1 year ago

The whole experience with Evoke was very professional. From entry to discharge. They have a lot of family support and therapy which we found very helpful. The field therapists have tremendous experience and they matched my son well with his therapist. The field staff was in particular very professional and hard working.

  5.0   1 year ago

As parents, it is difficult to make the decision to send your child to wilderness treatment. However, I can honestly say that this program saved our daughter's life. I don't know where we'd be today had we not made the decision to send our daughter to Evoke Entrada. This is not your typical wilderness therapy program. Having had experience with more than one wilderness program, Evoke truly stands out from all others. We never worried about whether or not our daughter was safe and being treated with respect and that all her needs were being met. I cannot say enough good things about this program. It truly exceeded our expectations. The Counselors are excellent, as well as the field instructors and office support staff. If you want the absolute best for your child, I would highly recommend Evoke Entrada.

  5.0   1 year ago

Our sons expierence at Evoke was nothing short of a miracle. Our son went in as a boy and came out a young man. The mixture of therapy and wilderness training was amazing. Our sons ability to start a fire with things found in the wilderness plus therapeuticly finding himself was the best of both worlds. Our sons therapist was patient and kind but also tough when he needed to be with our son. The two of them became very close and it was obvious to us that his approach to our son was perfect. This enabled our son for the first time to look inside himself and discover the mistakes he had made, but also realized the wonderful young man he can become. The transformation in our boy has prepared him for his aftercare program. The transition from Evoke to our sons after care was seamless. This was due to the fantastic work done by the Evoke staff. From the start the office staff and the field staff have been very easy to work with. They guided us slowly but surely through the entire experience. I would highly recommend the Evoke program to anyone with a son or daughter who is having trouble navigating life.

  5.0   1 year ago

Evoke saved my life. I’d been through many other programs and evoke is the one that finally worked. Contrary to another review, every staff member is trained and know what they’re doing. Living in the wilderness is not glamorous or easy (neither is life), but it is life changing. I learned how to be resilient, how to be with myself in the quiet, how to communicate, how to feel my feelings, and how to keep moving forward in the face of discomfort and struggle. I have also attended two of the intensives. Both were imperitive to reaching a new level of growth in my process of healing. I’ve now been doing fantastic for almost 3 years- I’m in college, I work in the mental health field, and I am a happy person. Thank you Evoke and Brad Reedy :)

  5.0   1 year ago

Saved my life. Ita a hard program but theres Alot of information to learn. Your emotions are contantly challenged and your thoughts. Honestly 10/10 staff i havent met one that doesnt care about the kids and want to help

  5.0   1 year ago

My son spent 12 weeks with evoke and it was life changing. I know it won't work for every kid- you have heard from those kids with their negative reviews. My son found the staff to be compassionate, kind and good role models for respectful communication and caring. I thought he would be miserable, but he adapted, and at the end said that he would not have minded staying a few more weeks. Parents visit the program very often, and stay overnight (we did) so it would be difficult for the program to hide anything. There are many procedures in place to be safe and healthy- including weekly physical exams with a nurse. The wilderness sites are accessible by truck. The clinical therapists are out in the field 2 days per week, but most of the therapeutic work is done between those visits with several groups daily, etc., etc. It is not easy at all for the kids. but that is the point. If you have tried outpatient therapy and other programs and they haven't worked, maybe this is one to try. But, it's not a cure all/fix. It just provides a re-set and a new start on the longer effort to address defiance, various addictions, communication, depression, and all the issues that our young people face today. Parents have to put the work in too. but my son learned the skills to enable him to actively participate in therapy, which he wasn't able to do before. We learned to let go on some stuff, and re-engage on other stuff. I am sorry for the kids and families that it didn't work for. It is so hard to raise kids these days and figure out the right path. Take care.

  5.0   2 years ago

The staff at Evoke are amazing! I attended the Finding You intensive recently and it was life-changing. Brad helped me work through some deep, dark pain to finally rid my life of self-hatred, shame and regret. I have finally found healing in my life thanks to Brad and his team at Evoke.

  5.0   2 years ago

Evoke not only helped our son become more self aware, confident, and insightful but also gave us as parents a whole new perspective about our own parenting style and family dynamics. We felt like we were on that same journey with our son and were learning new skills right along with him. We know there are challenges ahead but feel more equipped than ever to face them together. Kudos to the Evoke staff for their passionate and caring work with our family!

  5.0   2 years ago

Rarely do I review, but in this case I feel compelled to do so. I honestly believe Evoke saved my nephew from a life that would have been beyond challenging. They were professional, kept me well informed, and guided me through a difficult process.

  5.0   2 years ago

They give you a great clear place in nature to find Jesus. Just remember to go strait home after and don't forget what you learned

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