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Saint George Metro Treatment Center, a drug and alcohol addiction rehab facility that is situated at 620 South 400 East in Saint George, Utah, is committed to helping those who are addicted, get the addiction treatment they need. Getting quality care through a professional treatment center can give the patient the confidence that is needed to successfully overcome drug and alcohol addiction. Even if one is experiencing addictive tendencies, it is important that they seek help in order to mitigate the chances of addiction down the road.

Effective treatment for addiction is designed to help the addict overcome their reliance on drugs and alcohol through various multi-step programs. At Saint George Metro Treatment Center, staff members and counselors are there to support the patient every step of the way. By providing a solid treatment foundation and framework, patients will have the best possible chance of overcoming their addiction.

The right addiction treatment is intended to relieve the addict of their addiction. Locating the main origin of the addict's desire to continually use and abuse substances of abuse is the key to beating addiction. At Saint George Metro Treatment Center, proven treatment programs will allow patients to get an idea of what life is like after overcoming drug abuse. Once treatment is complete, patients are urged to attend relapse prevention programs in order to lessen the likelihood of relapse in the future.

There are many types of different treatment programs for those aged 18+ that aim to help patients overcome addiction. Group counseling, 12-step programs, medically assisted detox, and individual counseling are just some of the many styles of treatment that patients may go through while at Saint George Metro Treatment Center. The treatment program that is best suited for the patient will be determined after a thorough initial patient evaluation and assessment. The staff members at Saint George Metro Treatment Center will also work with the patient's insurance company in order to determine what is covered under their medical plan.

With a personalized treatment program that is designed uniquely for the patient, recovery is attainable. Connect with Saint George Metro Treatment Center by visiting them online at and understand how addiction treatment can enhance the quality of life. Attending a treatment program will allow for a new beginning in life, one that is more fulfilled and content.

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  5.0   1 year ago

OK so I wrote too much and need to make a 2nd review to finish up, so this is to be continued... -Firstly I am going to respond to this other review which is rather unfortunate. ● OK well yes to some extent they do want you to stay on the treatment medications because they benefit from it. And the answer as to why that is, is because they are a BUSINESS! Duh. I have been going there well over a year straight and never once, not ever have I tried to be manipulated, have I been talked into taking more medication or more frequently, never once have I felt like they are doing this... and that.... to keep me here. ●In response to the statement of saying that they need to monitor patients more because they let the patient take the medication out of their mouth and put it in their pocket. -I am calling bullsh!t on that statement. I am actually coming up on 2 years and I take the medication that you put under your tongue and let it dissolve. So I know what you're talking about in regards to your claim but I have never seen anyone do that and patient's probably have, but I can assuremember you that there is not a single counselor, therapist, office staff, medical director /doctor, or nurse that would be OK with that, not in a million years, and here is why... -they would lose their job -there are well positioned cameras located inside and outside of the office -that most likely would not assist the patient in recovering so if a patient did that on their own, then that is on them but it does not mean the staff is OK with it or would allow it ● You mention these accusations and assumptions, but those are 100% opinionated. On abother topic, how does any of that affect you...? Meaning, why is it your job to complain or tell on another patient/'s for doing whatever it is that they are doing with their own medication? It does not have anything to do with you or your life unless that patient is trying to sell you their own medication that came out of their own mouth. Worry about your own recovery and stop trying to tattle tail or rat on someone else. Also think about it this way, not everyone is in the same boat as you, you and I definitely are not the same. If you are concerned with your safety or your recovery, then you handle it (talking to the other addict, mention it to the staff and let them handle the issue (which they definitely do because I am living proof of it), go to another clinic (there is another) or just come at a different time than said... persons or most importantly IGNORE IT and move on!) Ok, so you claim that someone is pocketing their medication or at least some of it. Well... I look at it this way, if someone is going to or wants to do that, that is on them, not you. When you began treatment, were you perfect? Did you make mistakes? I am willing to bet $1,000 bucks on the fact that you messed up in some shape or form, but since you are still coming to Saint George Metro Treatment Center.... sorry... New Season's (new name), I am giving you props on that. If you claimed that someone is doing that or has done it, at least they are still fighting the addiction and coming here for some type of help. They are still TRYING, just like you, but in a different way and a different time. So back off with your telling on people and accusations, it doesn't help anyone especially not you. ● Like I mentioned before, I have been coming here for 1 1/2 to 2 years and I drive from Cedar City (50 minutes North)! Now I will mention, in that almost 2 years I have NEVER had a dirty UA (urine analysis), never got into trouble or asked to leave, and I am on good terms with most of the patients and all of the staff and the only issue is that there is not a clinic close to home. This is not to say that I have been completely satisfied with this place, no no no there have been issues, definitely. -Like initially I did have definite issues with some of the staff, actually I hadon't big issues with 3 staff members but I had 3 amazing staff issues. Continued...

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