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InnerChange- Sunrise, located on 65 North 1150 West, Hurricane, Utah, is an addiction treatment facility that can help those who need addiction help, get the guidance, treatment, and counseling needed. InnerChange- Sunrise has caring addiction recovery professionals who are devoted to assisting addicts in overcoming addiction and addictive behaviors.

The main aim of the addiction specialists at InnerChange- Sunrise is to give the appropriate guidance and comfort to patients aged 18+ throughout their journey toward long-lasting sobriety. By providing effective programs for addiction treatment to patients, patients will have all of the resources required in order to overcome addiction. It's important to remember that not all treatment programs are ideal for every patient. Just as each and every individual and their addiction is different, so should treatment. At InnerChange- Sunrise, patients will get a treatment plan that is designed uniquely for them. The proper treatment program will be determined after a patient assessment has taken place.

InnerChange- Sunrise is committed to accommodating the wants and requirements of patients in an effort to best ensure their contentment while in recovery. Addiction counselors at InnerChange- Sunrise make it an objective to help addicts reclaim their lives so that they can begin on a new more promising path. Once a patient has reached the level of sustained sobriety, they will feel a sense of relief knowing that addiction is no longer going to control their everyday lives. Getting the help needed to overcome addictive behavior is the best course of action an addict can take. Don't live another day in the whirlwind that is drug and alcohol addiction, get in touch with InnerChange- Sunrise today and learn how treatment can help.

Attempting detox without professional help is very hard and the majority of those who attempt detox on their own end up failing. This is because addiction is a mental disorder that requires the help of professional medical personnel and addiction counselors in order to overcome.

Seeking treatment is the best option when desiring a life that is free of substance dependency. The time to get help is now. Contact InnerChange- Sunrise by visiting today and learn about what sort of treatment options are available.

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Google Reviews

  5.0   5 months ago

I've worked for Sunrise RTC since 2015 and have seen lasting change come from students who make the effort to do so. I strongly believe in the values and beliefs of Sunrise and have loved working with the girls, staff, and other employees. I love that we approach therapy from a holistic and a relational perspective where we actually meet girls and their families where they are at and build relationships to help facilitate change. I'm so grateful to work at Sunrise and I would recommend it to any adolescent girl who is a therapeutic fit and for staff and therapists wanting to experience genuine healing. I love it!

  5.0   5 months ago

I have worked at Sunrise just shy of 9 years. I have had so many positive experiences and have also witnessed the real life change that we talk about. Just the other day I sat down with a student who thought that she would never graduate high school and she is about to graduate in December, earlier than she would have! I love the work that I do here and the connections I make with my students and their families. No, not everything is perfect, though we sure try our hardest. The people that I work with are all working for the same goal and that is the lasting change and healing for our students and their families. It is a lot of work and I have seen it work. I love being able to make a difference every day.

  5.0   5 months ago

My daughter had a life changing experience at Sunrise. No program is perfect, but Sunrise got the most important things right. And it worked. The therapists and staff are very caring, and very competent. It was well worth it.

  5.0   6 months ago

if you’re reading this I know first hand how much pain you and or your daughter is in trying to find a solution for someone who is hurting. I didn’t have the luxury of time to tour before sending my daughter. On drop off day was my first exposure to Sunrise staff and their understanding of the family being in pain, not just the daughter. Ultimately the reasons for picking Sunrise were the same ones that strengthened my daughter to be an independent college student who is graduating with a teaching certificate next year. The gradual allowance of freedom was the key for us. As the student gains confidence and coping skills, the staff allows them freedoms to test their new skills of self reliance. The ability for my daughter to have a job while attending Sunrise was the true life saving skill that the counselors worked so hard with her to gain back. Sunrise staff have seen it all and heard it all and they are truly nonjudgmental. I am so glad I trusted the staff at Sunrise with our families health.

  5.0   6 months ago

After meeting the staff and touring the grounds I love this place. So clean.

  5.0   6 months ago

IGNORE THE ONE STAR REVIEWS!!! Those are definitely made by girls that never got the full value of this place. I HATED Sunrise at first. That quickly changed. With an open heart you can accomplish anything. This place changed my life. I would not be there person I am today without this amazing, saving grace. There are times I wish I could go back to these days. Sunrise is nothing but amazing. It is very safe to say this place saved my life. Thank you Sunrise.

  5.0   6 months ago

First off the most difficult thing I had to admit was “I am not a bad mother, I just need help in helping my daughter live. We had a beautiful daughter that suffers with depression, anxiety and suicidal ideation. After spending a month in the behaviol health unit, we realized she was going to need to repeat her sophomore year in high school. Also that she was sicker than we could handle. I went to Sunrise, not knowing what to expect or even understanding exactly what I was looking into. The staff was very welcoming. I thought my daughter was so special that they had never seen another girl like her. Well she is special but at Sunrise, she was just like everyone else there. Young girl with lots of problems. She hated us when she first got there. In fact she told me that right off the bat. We heard this is a prison, food is the worst, they hate us. My personal favorite “you must really hate me if you can leave me here”. We got the promise of I wont do anything stupid. Then it was I hate you again. These are all positive signs. Best part, I didn’t have to deal with the mood swings and anger. We quickly realized we had her in the right place. I could call everyday if I needed to just to check in on her. She didn’t know how much our family was struggling cause we where told all the time just how bad she had it. It took about 2 months then we got a Thank You for sending me here. They strip these girls of all the things they think they cannot live without. Makeup, curling irons or flat irons, cell phones and computers. They learn that those are privileges and they can earn them, but that comes with hard work. In the mean time you have homework as well. My advice is, if you have other children get in family therapy. If you are married, get in counseling. If you are divorced, learn to coparent. There is something broken in your home. Whether you know it or not, something isn’t working. If you think there isn’t and you bring your daughter home, then all of her hard work is in jeopardy. She will have some sort of therapy EVERYDAY! How many of you could honestly look inward everyday. The least you can do is work on yourselves. Our daughter was there 1 yr and 1 week. You see as much as she hated being dropped of there, she was that scared of leaving. Will she make it in the real world. Will the skills they are teaching her really something she can use out of Sunrise. Well I can proudly say Yes for our daughter. She went to Sunrise at the age of 16, possibly repeating her Sophomore year of high school to coming out in Senior classes. If she would have taken Sr. English (like they tried to get her to do) she would have graduated at the end of her Jr year. Sunrise is a school that also offers therapy. She is currently 20 years old. Lives on her own, works full time and attends college part time. Has she used her skills absolutely! Does she still have bad times, absolutely but she doesn’t stay down. I have read most of the reviews that are on the website. These are generally girls that didn’t complete the program. Their are bitter and still in the I hate you stage. Our daughter has said, while I would have liked my privileges back sooner, I understand i didn’t deserve them. I had work to do instead of trying to BS my way thought it, I needed to do it. If you are reading this, then you are thinking about sending your daughter here. You have nothing to lose and all to gain. They saved our daughters life. We gave them a VERY broken little girl, they gave us the most amazing young lady. If you have any question for me, please contact Sunrise and they will put you in contact with me. I will always tell you the truth, very much an open book. You are trying to make a very difficult decision. I have walked in those shoes, I understand exactly what you are feeling, thinking and wondering if this will cause more damage then good. My husband felt like a failure, once again, you are not bad parents. You have a daughter that is broken and needs someone who can help her. A good parent gets her help. Best of luck to you and your family

  3.0   9 months ago

If I wasn’t for me going to sunrise in January 2017 when I was only 13 years old I probably would’ve killed myself by now. I’m glad I got sent there. I would like to put in a good word for the staff that took the time to get to know the students and the amazing teachers. Sunrise is a place where generally everyone cares enough to hear your story and build a relationship with you and a big part of my mentality I have right now would not have been there without sunrise. So thanks. I do have to say though that sunrise does have some absolutely ridiculous rules and “values” that they like to enforce on the students. The staff sometimes loses sight of what is relapse and what is just a regular teenage behavior which can make life there extremely aggravating. It just seems like sunrise was brainwashing us in a way. It comes off to me as that there there is only one way of thinking for them and if that way is not their way then it is not the right way. Therapy at sunrise is absolutely exhausting and they expect a lot out of the girls which personally sent me in a deep spiral of anxiety. I had panic attacks there often because I felt like I had to be perfect for treatment team in order to get out of there. The pressure can feel unbearable sometimes. It is worth it I guess. The living conditions were not up to par either. Staff got lazy with planning out the menu and we got Nutella pretty much every day which can seem great at first but after like 4 months of it it gets tiring to say the least. I cannot share any certain examples but I do have a lot when I say that I have witnessed sunrise give out cruel and unusual punishment that is completely uncalled for in the situation. We had a cockroach infestation in the basement and I don’t know if they have fixed it or not but it was still going on when I left. I still have nightmares about sunrise since it was a pretty traumatic experience for me. I got out about 9 months ago in case anyone was wondering. In reality I am thankful that I went and all. But I am still not in the place right now emotionally to not look back at it and see it as a disgusting and awful place to be in. Even though it is not. Send your child to sunrise I guess.

  5.0   9 months ago

I firmly believe that while my stay at sunrise was challenging and uncomfortable at times: it changed my life. Just because something isn’t fun or comfortable it doesn’t mean you don’t need it. Sunrise tries it’s best to give every student equal attention and succeeds unless a special safety measure is needed. I think most of the staff dearly care about the wellbeing of students, doing everything in their power to help. Yes of course you could choose to point to certain instances of unacceptable staff behavior that happens everywhere and is not everything about the program. I struggled and did not graduate but I am eternally grateful to the program especially: Kayla memmot, Nicole Johnston, Brad Simpson, everyone. Please send your child here as opposed to somewhere else.

  5.0   12 months ago

In 2012 after over a decade of therapy and struggling with anxiety and depression i finally reached my breaking point and went to Sunrise. After 8 months i had done a 180 and they saved my life. 4 years after graduating I have been off my medicine for about 2 years, out of therapy for a year, and no longer struggling with suicidal or cutting urges. My anxiety disorders have all but disappeared and my depression rarely shows it's face. They made all the difference in the world and I recommend all the InnerChange programs, especially Sunrise!!! Edit: I have now been out of Sunrise for 6 years, I have been off meds and out of therapy for about 4 years now and i am still doing amazing. I'm graduating technical school and doing really well. Without Sunrise I know I wouldn't be alive right now, they are incredible and i'm so grateful my parents sent me there. For all of those negative one star reviews, parents, please don't listen to these. These are teens who decided to fight the system and didn't get the help they needed. I never found anything truly wrong with Sunrise, there was miscommunication occasionally between the staff, we had some ramen explode in the microwave once, I sprained my wrist, and there was definitely drama in the house (36 teen girls with mental health issues in one house, it can't be avoided) they can't be perfect, but they don't neglect or abuse your child like many therapeutic boarding schools or residential treatment centers do. It's tough and i will be the first to admit it, it's not fun and there are a lot of times it sucks, your daughter isnt going there to have fun, that's why for a long time a lot of girls resent the program. But the factor is, if your daughter is struggling so hard that you don't know if you can keep her safe, send her to an Innerchange program. (Sunrise's parent program, the sister program is New Haven around Salt Lake City). There are so many programs out there that have legitimate abuse and neglect allegations, nothing like that ever happened at Sunrise and I havent heard of it happening at any other Innerchange program. There are so many girls that I know that have gone through that program that are now doing amazing things. It is a last resort option, and your daughter may resent you for the first while, but it's worth it in the end, and if you send your daughter to an InnerChange program you will be able to sleep with peace of mind that they are safe and being taken care of. Also, it is better to send your child to a program that is a few states away, you don't need to be visiting them constantly, too many visits can be counter productive, and if they are too close to home and they (somehow, it's rare at Sunrise) run away, they can fall back to old habits and negative people who will help them "escape" the program and it can turn out to be much worse.

  5.0   1 year ago

I graduated Sunrise exactly 1 month ago, after being there for 17 months. I am grateful beyond words for the experiences I was given from Sunrise. have been struggling with self harm and suicidal ideation acutely since I was 13 years old, and have been receiving treatment for about that long as well. I have been hospitalized 8 times, and one of those was for 55 days. I have been to 2 different day treatment facilities and one other shorter term residential facility. I attempted suicide 20 times. You can only imagine the events that happened to cause these things. I was extremely hopeless before I came to Sunrise. I felt no purpose of living and I truly believed I would be dead by age 15. I graduated Sunrise the day before my 17th birthday. Sunrise WILL challenge you in ways that you won't think you need. That's a given, in my opinion. Sunrise's therapists are extremely intuitive and thoughtful. They can see through any level of BS. I became frustrated at times with my therapist specifically and also the therapists that run the group, because they were pushing me on things that I didn't want to be pushed on. This didn't make it any less intense feeling or valid, but now I am able to see the reason for that frustration. The therapists are able to identify how my patterns and core beliefs were affecting other areas of my life and help me to see that.The staff were an integral part of my time at Sunrise. There were definitely some staff who were only there for the paycheck, when it came down to it, but there are also definitely staff who are there because they care (shoutout Whitney, Noel, Rebecca, Nicole, and SO many others) and they come close to the therapists in their abilities to challenge the students and hold them accountable. There is drama and there will always be drama. Students, including myself, don't want someone to be there to hold you accountable. Similar to how kids get mad at their parents. Your attitude about being at Sunrise can change a lot. There are a lot of frustrating things that happen at Sunrise. While I was at Sunrise, I decided that my recovery was more important than these frustrations. Many reviews have addressed only these frustrations and not the good things at Sunrise. The connection that you build with EVERYONE at Sunrise is incredible. I lived with 27 other girls, 24 hours of the day, 7 days a week, whether I liked it or not.The staff, as I’ve mentioned previously, they’re so important. The other students are there 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but the staff are the ones you know you can go to for support. How the shifts work is really effective because there is always someone who I was comfortable talking to when I was struggling, and it was rare if there was only 1 staff that I wanted to talk to. Having the camping trips and other rec activities fosters so much connection. I connected with my therapist a lot on these trips especially. Having girls at all different stages of their treatment was something that is very helpful and motivating about Sunrise. It was so cool to be able to mentor and help other girls who were newer. When I was new, it was so helpful to have other students who were graduating and to see their success.Sunrise truly saved my life. I really believed that I would never get better. I saw no point in living. Life is still hard and I do still struggle. However, Sunrise taught me that life is worth living. If you are considering Sunrise for a child or someone you know, PLEASE inbox me!!

  5.0   1 year ago

The therapists at Sunrise are outstanding. The teachers and principal are amazing and helped our daughter graduate from high school a year early.

  5.0   2 years ago

I have both worked at, and sent my clients to Sunrise. They have emotionally intelligent, highly trained, authentic staff who have created a safe, fun and nurturing environment that facilitates developmental healing and growth.

  5.0   2 years ago

I have noticed a lot of either very harsh 1-star or very excited 5-star reviews and not much in between. I would say that this is due to different perspectives going in and out of Sunrise. Because I went to wilderness before coming to Sunrise, I was able to skip level one and safety phase in the 5-step level system, which is arguably the most uncomfortable phase to be on. Because my behavioral issues at home all stemmed from drugs, once the drugs were taken away, I didn't really have any behavioral issues at Sunrise that warranted any punishments, because without drugs I am too afraid to break rules. Treatment is not supposed to be luxurious or fun, and Sunrise is not an exception to this. There are pros and cons, there's obviously not as much freedom as at home, some rules that may be considered stupid, but throughout my stay I found that every single rule had a reason behind it that a previous resident messed up for everyone in the future. In the end, I think I had a positive experience at Sunrise because I came in with a positive mindset. I find that those who I met that went in with a bad mindset and did not want to grow went back to old behaviors upon leaving (by CHOICE, Sunrise can't force you to grow up or choose what's right), manipulated their parents into pulling them out before they are ready, or behave so poorly at Sunrise that they get sent to wilderness before coming back again. While Sunrise may have a "low success rate" as some say, this is typically because the resident has left AMA (against medical advice) by either turning 18 or having a parent pull them, or by faking their way through. So a quick before and after view of my life before both wilderness and Sunrise and what they have both done for me, before: I had a lot of anxiety all my life which was exacerbated by a sexual assault which pushed me over the edge to become dependent on Benzos and heroin. I dropped out of school at the end of 10th grade, and went to short-term rehabs twice at the ages of 15 and 16, and went to about 6 different high school programs throughout the 11th grade, I was also basically ready to die. Throughout my stay at Sunrise I have been given many opportunities, and have taken them and used them to the best of my ability: the very capable and intelligent academic principal, Janette Thompson, saved my academic career. I got back on track to finish high school, she took my 6 different 11th grade year credits and formed them into one solid year, and I was even able to graduate a semester early. I was able to get the rest of my high school credits through dual enrollment at a local university, Dixie State University, and finished high school EARLY with a 3.96 GPA, 1470 SAT, 33 ACT, and 4.0 college GPA for 23 credits. So I had a very different academic experience at Sunrise than that of someone who's sister went here many years ago. I was also provided with tools and support necessary to face my trauma, depression, anxiety, and drug addiction, and am proud to say that with the help of Sunrise and wilderness before, I now have the desire to live a full and happy life FAR past the age of 18, and I have been clean from drugs for over a year. I was able to rebuild my relationship with my parents from being kicked out of the house and not welcomed back at the age of 16 to visiting them every school day of fall, spring, Christmas, and summer break that I get. My parents also trust me enough to let me have a car, a job, a volunteer opportunity, dental assisting technical training, and to live alone off campus with roommates and still attend Dixie State University at the age of 17! So this was a really long and in-depth review but I just wanted to express fully how much Sunrise changed my life. Not to be dramatic, but if I hadn't gone to Sunrise I'd be dead right now! One downside is that it is very expensive, around $9000-$10,000 a month, but Sunrise has a team of lawyers or something similar to help petition your insurance company and child's home public school system to get them to cover some of the cost.

  5.0   2 years ago

Like any other residential treatment program, Sunrise is bound to have its flaws. However, during my time there, every person I knew who put the effort in to make lasting change was positively impacted. While Sunrise is strictly structured, the punishments for breaking the rules tend to be proportional to the offense. After all, the purpose of the program is to give its students the tools they need to live a healthy lifestyle outside the program, and to do that, the program also has to train the students out of the behaviors that negatively impact their lives. As far as the staff goes, for the most part they are friendly and nurturing, but the worst treatment I ever saw anyone experience (myself included) is arguments based upon clashing personalities (staff members who weren't right for the program were fired within a month or two from their start date). As to be expected when you make 40 emotionally unstable teenage girls live together, there will be drama, and the adjustment period to the new lifestyle takes longer for some than it does for others. After all, change doesn't happen overnight (it takes about 9-12 months). Overall, Sunrise provides a good balance between academics, social time among students, and therapeutic activities such as: dance, yoga, and an abundance of hiking, while also maintaining a heavy emphasis on individual and group therapy. Parents do be aware that while you will not be in the program, it is necessary for you to make changes in your own behaviors in order to create an environment where lasting change can be maintained within your daughter's life. My stay at Sunrise was about nine months long, and while Sunrise didn't "fix" me, it did give me control over my emotions, it showed me the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and the tools to maintain it. Looking back there were some hard times during my stay, but I only speak of my experience there with fondness. To this day I still consider Sunrise my home away from home, and I can honestly say I wouldn't be who I am today without my time in Hurricane.

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